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Why You May Need Duct Installations with Your AC Install

Posted on Blog, Duct Tips November 15, 2017

When it’s time to replace your AC, your technician might suggest updating your ductwork, too. This suggestion is not a ploy to get you to spend more. Pairing a new AC with old, inefficient, or damaged ducts will limit how well the new AC can deliver cool air.

Your Ducts Are Old or Damaged

Even the best ducts eventually wear out, and ducts that were installed decades ago may need to be replaced. Damage happens to ducts, whether from debris coming into contact with them over the years, critters scratching and gnawing them, or water dripping onto them and damaging them. New ducts will enhance the cooling your new AC delivers.

Old Ducts Are Routed Inefficiently

Unfortunately, some older homes suffer from shoddy duct installation. Creating a “ductopus” monstrosity, where too many rooms connect to a central duct, or failing to support flex ductwork as frequently as it needs, are terrible installation mistakes that professionals see too often. These installation problems create inefficiencies in your HVAC system, and leaving poor ductwork in place only means your new AC won’t cool your home as well as you want it to.

You’ve Added Rooms to Your House

People often add rooms to homes and use ductless mini-splits or window AC units to cool those new rooms, instead of adding ductwork. When it’s time for a new AC to be installed, your technician will suggest adding ductwork to the new rooms. Take advantage of this opportunity to size your new AC for your updated square footage and to network your addition into your central air system.

New ducts plus a new AC system means better home cooling and better interior air quality. You can only get the best out of your AC when the rest of your HVAC system is in good repair. All Year Cooling can do an entire system replacement, so contact them to find out more.


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