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Utilizing Anti-Microbial Sanitation to Reduce Bad Air Smells From Your Home

Posted on Air Quality, Blog February 22, 2017

Have you recently noticed an increase in bad smells in your home, but have no idea where the smell is coming from? It can be frustrating having to deal with unknown bad smells however, the answer might lie in your air ducts. It’s inevitable that as time goes on, your air ducts are going to become increasingly dirty. As a result, the intensity of the bad odors will increase.

Additionally, mold can become a problem in air ducts. As it grows it releases air particles that are bad for the health of your household. Unidentified bad smells in the home need to be dealt with so that members of the household prone to allergies are not negatively affected.

All Year Cooling can get rid of any bad smell problems coming from your air ducts. Our team will execute an anti-microbial sanitation service that eliminates all dirt, grime, and mold in one session. Our specialized equipment and professionally trained staff will make light work of the task regardless of what your air duct setup is. So give All Year Cooling a call today to book our anti-microbial sanitation service.


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