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Top 5 Telltale Signs You Need Duct Repair

Posted on Blog, Dirty Ducts, Duct Tips December 15, 2018

Do you need duct repair? How can you tell? Read on to learn the 5 telltale signs you need duct repair.

Are you noticing bad odors or cold spots throughout your home? Are your utility bills unusually high? If so, these are just a few signs your air duct needs repairing.

If you’re curious about what other signs indicate you need duct repair, continue reading this article. We’ll go over 5 telltale signs you should watch out for!

  1. Bad Odors

If you’re noticing a bad odor coming from your air duct every time you turn on the heat or the AC, there’s something going on. While bad odors might indicate you have an electrical problem, it typically means there’s something going on with your air duct.

The smells can range from an animal decaying inside to a serious mold problem or a moisture leak. Either way, you’ll want to get it taken care of as soon as possible.

  1. Cold or Warm Spots

While cold spots in your home aren’t signs of a ghost, it is another sign of your air duct needing repair. This goes for warm spots throughout the home, too.

Cold or warm spots mean you have broken ductwork, leaving certain spots or rooms freezing or overly hot while the rest of the home is just the right temperature. A broken duct prevents the proper airflow from getting to each room.

If this is the case, you’ll need to check for damages to the air duct. These damages include blocks, ruptures, or other damages.

  1. Strange Noises

When your children start complaining of hearing monstrous noises, it’s not their closet you need to check. Strange noises are a sign of your air duct needing repair. If your duct is damaged, it could be working twice as hard to do its job, creating the unusual monstrous or ghastly noises.

These noises might also be an indication of ill-fitted ducts. Shaking or loud rattling noises might mean you have loose or damaged ducts as well. Keep in mind, small popping sounds when the heat comes on is normal, but something more than this calls for action.

  1. Constant Cleaning

Are you or your family sneezing more than usual? Do you need to keep refilling the allergy pill bottle?

Signs of unclean air ducts might be more than you think. If you need to clean it more than every six months or if your house is constantly dusty, there’s something going on.

Unclean air ducts expose you and your family to fungus, molds, and allergens which are harmful to your respiratory system. These dirty air ducts are a sign it’s broken or damaged in some way.

  1. High Utility Bills

If your utility bills are unusually high your HVAC system might be pushing more hot or cold air through a leaking or broken air duct. This is an uphill battle while burning a hole in your wallet at the same time.

Not only is this a waste of energy, but your utility bills will be unnecessarily high. If you haven’t had an increase in energy bills lately, the next step is to check out your air duct and see where the problem lies.

Signs You Need Duct Repair

These are the top five signs you need duct repair work done. If you notice one or a combination of these signs, make sure you call in a professional to take care of the problem right away.

Looking for a professional you can trust? All Year Cooling has your back. Contact us today with questions about our services or to find one near you!



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