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Some Common Air Duct Questions, Answered

Posted on Blog, Duct Tips December 15, 2016

Q. What is air duct cleaning?

A. It’s very easy for dirt to become accumulated in ductwork, which means regular cleaning is essential. Otherwise, unwanted dust particles will be distributed around the home potentially causing health problems. A duct cleaning company, like All Year Cooling, can remove debris, slime, mold, dirt, and other unwanted materials.

Q. When is the right time for duct cleaning?

A. There are a number of factors that will determine your duct cleaning schedule. These include your expectations, air contaminants, type of filtrations that’s used, climate, and the schedule of your operating equipment. The majority of air conditioning systems will come with instructions regarding the optimal cleaning frequency.

Q. What are the key signs that duct cleaning is required right now?

A. There are a few key signs that indicate the ductwork should be cleaned today. For example, when the filters get clogged up dust can get trapped and build up over time. Mold and slime growth are also signs that mean ductwork must be cleaned.

Q. Is it OK for cleaning companies to use chemicals, biocides, disinfectants, encapsulants and sealants?

A. Usually, it’s not OK to use any of these. The point of duct cleaning is to get rid of debris and unwanted particles – not introduce more of them. Some coatings can actually be problematic since they act as adhesives for unwanted particles. Know that All Year Cooling uses only quality products for your duct cleaning.

Q. How can you reduce the need for duct cleaning services?

A. You can reduce the need for duct cleaning by not being late on your filter maintenance, ensuring you use the right filter for your system, locating air intakes in non-contaminated spaces, and ensuring that the air conditioning system components are kept dry and clean. Finally, the filters must have a MERV rating of at least 6.

If you have any questions about duct cleaning and why it is essential in Florida, please call us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free estimate!


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