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Is It Time to Clean Your Ducts?

Posted on Blog, Dirty Ducts, Duct Tips September 15, 2017

Many professionals recommend getting a duct cleaning every three to five years. Between routine cleanings, you may encounter problems that necessitate another duct cleaning. Dirty ducts are an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) hazard. They can cause mold and mildew to grow in your house, and they can exacerbate allergies and respiratory illnesses. Don’t ignore the signs if your ducts show they’re getting dirty inside.

Do You Have Mold or Debris?

One indicator you need a duct cleaning is the presence of mold on the sheet metal. Though you can’t see far inside your ducts, you can take the vent covers off and use a flashlight to help you see. If mold is present anywhere your light hits, it’s probably elsewhere in the ducts, too.

Do You Have Vermin?

Unfortunately, bugs, mice, and rats like to use ducts as conduits through your house. Bugs scurry through tiny openings where the duct seams have aged, and some vermin will go so far as to chew their way through. If you’ve heard or seen vermin in your ducts, you need to get them cleaned immediately.

Are Your Vents Releasing Dust?

Dust particles collect in your ducts if you don’t change your HVAC filter often enough. If you can see dust blowing from the vents, or you notice more dust in the air when the system kicks on, you need to get that taken care of. Another sign of dirty ducts is dirty vent covers or streaks of dirt on the walls around the vent covers.

Call professionals to clean your ducts. This is not a DIY project homeowners should try, because attempts could damage the ducts or the HVAC system. Plus, getting inside the ducts is a specialty job that professionals have the equipment and training to do. Keep your indoor air breathable and pleasant by getting those ducts spick and span with a professional cleaning.


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