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HVAC Duct Cleaning: Why It’s Necessary in South Florida

Posted on Air Quality, Dirty Ducts August 11, 2018

Like most things we can’t see, we don’t tend to think about how dirty the air is. Think of all of the particles of things that have floated off of you, your cat, your dog, your kids, your toilet, your garbage can, or your shoes that float up and into your air duct to go who-knows-where. We owe a great nod of gratitude to the unspoken hero of our air quality– the HVAC duct.

That being said, we don’t typically take this into consideration in our day-to-day lives. That’s why it’s probably time for you to get an HVAC duct cleaning.

Are HVAC Duct Cleanings Worth it?

So, we know our dirty air is flowing through HVAC ducts, but do we ever give those ducts the attention they need? Here are a few reasons that you should look into a cleaning sometime soon.

  1. It Improves Air Flow, Quality, And Efficiency

Cleaning your ducts, first and foremost, improves the function of your HVAC system. Your air will be flowing in just the way that it needs to in order to keep your house cool or warm. Your system needs to send air to the furnace and air conditioner, meaning that it has a direct correlation to the temperature in your home.

If your ducts are blocked, all of the equipment that runs with it will need to work harder to their jobs. This means that you’ll have higher energy bills and more repairs to take care of down the line.

Additionally, cleaning the ducts will take out all of the pesky bacteria that could be harmful to you and your family. This will undoubtedly make it easier for the members of your family to breath, even if they don’t have any allergies or respiratory diseases that might be triggered by poor air quality.

Air ducts will get rid of dander, pollen, mold, and bacteria. These things can build up for years in HVAC ducts without anyone ever even knowing they were there. Meanwhile, the people in the house (children, loved ones, pets) have all been inhaling the mold spores that are living in your ducts.

  1. Your South Florida Home Will Be Cleaner

That’s right. Noticing a lot of dust around the house lately? This might be because your HVAC system is pushing all of its excess dust around your home. A cleaning would do the trick and provide you with less dust and bacteria to clean up in your home.

Again, some of these things can’t be seen, so you don’t even know that its there. This is precisely the reason that you should double-down and make sure that your HVAC ducts are clean and pushing high-quality air through your home.

In Need of a Cleaning?

There are a lot of elements that go into heating and cooling your home and keep your air clean. If you’re in need of any assistance improving the air quality of your home, we have all of the information you need.


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