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How Improper Insulation Harms People and Working Plants

Posted on Air Quality, Blog, Insulation March 20, 2017

Industrial facilities require perfectly installed insulation in equipment, tanks, ductwork, and pipes for optimum efficiency. It’s typically the job of an experienced contractor such as All Year Cooling to manage the mechanical insulation of industrial environments. Here are some of the problems that improper insulation can result in:

  • Safety: exposure to hot equipment is more likely when insulation isn’t properly installed. Plant managers have to provide a safe working environment for workers. Also, insulation can hide sharp corners to prevent injury to workers.
  • Deterioration: when ductwork is not properly insulated it’s exposed to the elements and that increases the rate of deterioration, which in turn increases maintenance/repair costs. Heat insulation for pipes and ductwork can be essential when placed in a hot environment. Without heat insulation, the materials can fall off or melt.
  • Missed deadlines: when insulation causes problems to the plant work might have to be stopped until the insulation is repaired. This results in deadlines being missed, which in turn can impact the bottom line. Spending the money on a professional contractor to ensure insulation is installed correctly can pay for itself in the form of increased operational efficiency.


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