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Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Posted on Blog March 15, 2018

Do you look forward to spring cleaning every year? This annual tradition is a fantastic way to give your home a deep clean, but the benefits go beyond having a nicer-looking, less-cluttered space. Spring cleaning benefits your mind, body, and soul in a few important ways.

Breathe Easier

Dust is constantly building up in the house, and occasional cleanings simply aren’t enough to keep the air as clean as possible. A spring cleaning that gets into every cranny of your home will remove standing dust and help you breathe easier. Pay special attention to your sheets, blankets, mattress, pillows, and curtains. These areas harbor lots of dust and will affect your sleep quality. Change your HVAC filters as part of your spring cleaning and make this simple routine maintenance a regular habit.

Less Stress and a Better Mood

Have you noticed how much better you feel in a clean, decluttered home? You aren’t imagining it — spring cleaning decreases your stress levels, and a clutter-free home helps you focus. It can also improve your creativity and provide a few other psychological benefits.

Improved Sleep Quality

Less stress and a better mood will help you sleep sounder at night. Plus, with fewer dust mites circulating around the home, you’ll experience less wheezing, sneezing, and itching. These are three problems known to affect sleep quality. Sounder sleep will lead to better productivity, enhanced concentration, an even better mood, and more — all thanks to a thorough spring cleaning.

With so many personal perks to spring cleaning, it’s important not to miss this yearly custom. Indeed, these benefits are so excellent that you should consider deep cleaning your home more often. Regardless of whether you can find time for a few deep cleans throughout the year, prioritize air quality in your home and take care of your HVAC system to enjoy better sleep and improved health.


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