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4 Benefits of HVAC UV Lights

Posted on Blog, UV Light April 15, 2018 by Emily Jones

Even though adding UV lights to your HVAC system has been common since the 1990s, many homeowners are not aware that doing so can improve the air quality in the home and the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Fight Bacteria A study published in the Journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 2001 found that Read More…

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Do You Need a UV Light?

Posted on Blog, UV Light May 9, 2017 by Emily Jones

A UV light is part of an HVAC system. It shines ultraviolet rays onto parts of the system to improve indoor air quality. Not every HVAC system has one, and not every home requires one. Though they can be expensive to install, they offer specific benefits many homeowners desire. How Does a UV Light Work? Read More…

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