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3 Things Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Air Quality, Blog April 16, 2017 by Emily Jones


Everyone wants to enjoy clean, fresh air at home. Unfortunately, indoor air is often even more polluted than outdoor air. The following factors may be negatively affecting the quality of the air in your house. Chemicals The products you use to clean your home could actually be bringing down the quality of the air you Read More…

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How Improper Insulation Harms People and Working Plants

Posted on Air Quality, Blog, Insulation March 20, 2017 by Emily Jones


Industrial facilities require perfectly installed insulation in equipment, tanks, ductwork, and pipes for optimum efficiency. It’s typically the job of an experienced contractor such as All Year Cooling to manage the mechanical insulation of industrial environments. Here are some of the problems that improper insulation can result in: Safety: exposure to hot equipment is more Read More…

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Utilizing Anti-Microbial Sanitation to Reduce Bad Air Smells From Your Home

Posted on Air Quality, Blog February 22, 2017 by Emily Jones


Have you recently noticed an increase in bad smells in your home, but have no idea where the smell is coming from? It can be frustrating having to deal with unknown bad smells however, the answer might lie in your air ducts. It’s inevitable that as time goes on, your air ducts are going to become Read More…

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Basic Things to Know About Attic Insulation

Posted on Blog, Insulation January 15, 2017 by Emily Jones


When it comes to finding ways to keep your heating and cooling costs down, there is nothing better than installing attic insulation. This is especially true for those who have problems with their heating bills climbing through the roof. While attic ventilation is an extremely important issue to address, you want to make sure that Read More…

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Some Common Air Duct Questions, Answered

Posted on Blog, Duct Tips December 15, 2016 by Emily Jones


Q. What is air duct cleaning? A. It’s very easy for dirt to become accumulated in ductwork, which means regular cleaning is essential. Otherwise, unwanted dust particles will be distributed around the home potentially causing health problems. A duct cleaning company, like All Year Cooling, can remove debris, slime, mold, dirt, and other unwanted materials. Read More…

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