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3 Things Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

Posted on Air Quality, Blog April 16, 2017

Everyone wants to enjoy clean, fresh air at home. Unfortunately, indoor air is often even more polluted than outdoor air. The following factors may be negatively affecting the quality of the air in your house.


The products you use to clean your home could actually be bringing down the quality of the air you breathe. Anything that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can cause irritation for you and your family members. Bleach, detergent, upholstery cleaner, and even air fresheners may contain VOCs. Be picky about the cleaning products you use and try to buy items with natural ingredients. When you have to use a product that contains VOCs, open the windows or a door so the area is well-ventilated.


Microbes, such as those from mold, can cause illness and irritation. If you suspect mold is in your home but don’t see it, it may be in the walls or hiding under the carpet. You can buy a mold test kit to help you confirm your suspicions. If you can access the mold, kill it with vinegar or bleach. To prevent mold, buy a dehumidifier. This will keep the air in your home dryer, making it more difficult for mold to grow.

Dirty Air Ducts

A central heating and cooling system are convenient but the system’s ducts can pose health risks too. Pet hair, dust, pollen, and other particles can get trapped in the ducts and cause problems for anyone with allergies or asthma. Call a professional service to clean your ducts. This service will not only improve your IAQ, but it will also improve the efficiency of your heating system and help you avoid expensive repairs down the road.

How is the air in your home? If you have dirty air ducts, call All Year Cooling to get the problem taken care of. Otherwise, take the necessary steps to remedy whatever IAQ issues are plaguing your house.


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